Monday, March 26, 2012

Pancakes and Old School Mates

Good Morning!
Yesterday I went to Roberts, IL, for a pancake breakfast put on by the fire protection district where my brother is a volunteer fireman and an EMT (emergency medical technician). They have a pancake breakfast every year at this time and a chili lunch in December to raise money for various things. My family used to live in Roberts for many years where we farmed. I was in the last class that graduated from Roberts-Thawville High School in 1974.

The pancakes were awesome, as were the scrambled eggs. I don't eat sausage very doesn't always sometimes gives me some wicked heart burn, and I didn't need that yesterday. I also talked with a few people I went to school with for quite a while. I don't see them very often, even though I could go to the pancake breakfast every year, I don't. So, they have all changed quite a bit, and some I had problems recognizing after not seeing them for 2 or 3 years. We've all put a bit of "wisdom" (weight) on ourselves and gathered a few more grey hairs. I definitely had fun.

On the way home, I went past the house where we lived when I was a kid and quite a few of the buildings are gone, and the metal pole barn should be gone! It was in bad shape. The pasture where we had milk cows grazing has been plowed up for raising crops. I hope they fixed the drainage problem where the pasture used to used to flood in one spot. In the winter time, all 5 of us kids used it as a skating pond, if the water hadn't drained off before it froze.....we didn't have skates, but our boots did just fine. The water/ice wasn't but about 4 inches deep anyway. We all either played our form of hockey or the 4 of us girls would pretend we were figure skaters in the Ice Capades or the Olympics. Sadly the Ice Capades are no more, but we do have Holiday on Ice.

A bit of nostalgic trivia....both the Summer and Winter Olympics used to be held in the same year, and always on leap year. The split Olympics started after the 1992 Olympics. The Winter Olympics were held in 1994, and the Summer Olympics were held in 1996. It's been split ever since. The Summer Olympics start with the opening ceremony on July 27th in London this year and ends with the closing ceremony on August 12th. Marking those dates on my calendar!! Though I'm not too keen on the track and field events, I do like watching the swimming and diving events and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Tomorrow I head for Alabama with my sister and hopefully I can share some goodies either before I leave, or after I get there. Today I'm sharing the Orange papers, which also tend toward the yellows.
Here are a couple of samples of what's in the file.

Here is the 4Shared link for the papers and frames. If you have problems with the link, please leave me a not in the comments and I'll fix it.
Have a Great week!!

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