Monday, March 19, 2012

Allergies & Appendectomies

Good Morning...I think. Hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's day!

I woke up this morning with what feels like a cold, but I'm suspecting I've developed allergies to something as I've had this feeling that I'm catching a cold since September of last year. Nose running, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and that weird sensation at the back of the throat. It's not fun for me at all, and since I can't take most OTC meds for it, I just have to suffer through it all. I've even tried the neti pot and that didn't do me much good either.

My 8 1/2 year old grandson went to the emergency room late Saturday night with stomach pains and vomiting. He had been complaining of a tummy ache that didn't feel like his usual tummy ache. So his mom took him to the ER to have him checked out. They tried to give him some contrast dye over the period of a few hours so that they could do a CT scan, but what he drank didn't stay down for very long, though some of it did, it was not really enough to get a good scan. Well, to make the long story short.....yesterday morning at 9, they took him to surgery to remove his appendix. Poor little guy looked as miserable as he felt after his surgery. He also has numbness in his thumb, index and middle fingers of his right hand. Not sure why he would have numbness in those 3 fingers, but he was moving them around and rubbing them against each other as he was watching a Garfield movie on TV.  We are hoping that this helped his tummy problems, as he's periodically had sharp pain and vomiting on and off for several months, and he's been checked out at the doctor every time. He's even gone to a gastroenterologist. But he'll be up and running around soon. Poor kid is going to have a lot of homework to make up over spring break next week.

Today's goodies for you are some more brads and buttons.
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