Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Two more days until the weekend, and four more days until I'm on my way to Oklahoma for doing more of my late mother-in-law's legal business. It is interesting that not only was there a personal probate for her for the state of Oklahoma, but there is another probate for the land that she inherited from her Native American parents through the Dept. of the Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs as well. Her personal probate for Oklahoma is done. That took 8 1/2 months to get done. The DI/BIA will take anywhere from 2-4 years. The federal government runs a bit slower. Her dad's DI/BIA probate took 4 years and her 3 brothers took 2-3 years to get done. So there will be more trips to Oklahoma for legal business over the next few years until this is done.
It is the full moon, we're getting rain, and there is some sun activity going on today, too!! No wonder the crew here was in a foul mood yesterday!! And I don't care what scientists and medical people say, there are definite affects of the full moon on people, I live with it every month! And the weather changing is adding to the foul mood affects here at home....especially with the grandkids!!
I have some corners for you today.

Here is the 4shared link for these pretties. If you have any problems with the links, please leave a note in the comments.

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