Monday, July 30, 2012

Masks 46-50

I had my eyes examined this morning a little after 9, and my eyes are still a bit dilated 4 hours later, which is making it interesting to post. I thought I had problems seeing my computer before...oh, it's worse now with my eyes dilated! My eye doctor recommended that I get tri focals since the bi focals didn't work well for me about four years ago. Not sure that tri focals are going to work either, but, hey, I've got to see and if they don't work for me, then 2 years from now, I go back to single lenses. But it will be about a week to 10 days before I get them as Lens Crafters doesn't do 1 hour tri focals. I also had the pictures taken of the inside of my eyeballs this morning so they could see how that area was doing. The doctor seemed to think that the back of my eyes looked pretty good for being 56 years old. But my eyes right now feel like someone is trying to inflate them and then trying to pull them out of their sockets. So I think I'm going to get this posted and get off my computer before I end up with a migraine headache.

Today I have more masks to you to create with. This is what I did with Mask 50. I used it twice. I turned the first layer 90 degrees then used it a second time with a different color.

Here is the Media Fire link for these masks! If you have any problems with the link, or any link, please leave me a note in the comment section and I'll get it fixed for you.
Have a GREAT week!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Have a GREAT weekend!

Didn't get anything created for you yesterday. Yesterday was my oldest grand daughter's 16th birthday, and I was also getting ready for my weekend trip to visit my youngest sister who lives in Madison, WI. I'm here in Madison to be the designated driver after the Milwaukee Brewers/Washington National's game tonight in Milwaukee. WOW! I'm going to a ball game that is NOT in St. Louis! I'm a freakin' Chicago Cubs fan for pity sake and I have never been to a game at Wrigley Field!! I've never been to a game where the Cubs were playing either. The 3 times I've been to St. Louis' Busch Stadium it's been free tickets from the company our dad was working for to watch the Cardinals play some other National League team!! I'll get to Wrigley Field at some point in my life to actually WATCH the Cubs play! It's on my Bucket List!!

It's a total bummer that I didn't get to post anything before I left for my sister's in Madison. And it's even more of a bummer that I forgot my flash drive so I could post something for you today. :( I'll post it for you on Monday. :)

Have an AWESOMELY GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Templates 13 & 14

I guess I am pretty much back to "normal"! I've got some templates for you to create with today. Template 13 is in 3 different layers (2 of the word layers are locked)....Rock God, Rock Goddess, and Rock you can choose whichever you want to create with. I have samples below of all 3 of the variations, plus a sample of Template 14. A lot of views for you to look at today! All of these templates are in .psp and .psd format.

Here are the links for these templates for you to create with. Please remember that my creations are for your Personal Use only.
Template 013
Template 014
Have a GREAT week!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Normal?

I am thinking that things are getting back to some resemblance of "normal" in my life....and "normal" is in constant flux. At least I am at home! It's been a really off kilter last couple of months, jeez! reminds me a bit of last year at this time, except that I was in Oklahoma by myself, in the country, very little rain, and getting cooked by the 100+ degree heat and worrying about wild fires!! Now I'm back in Illinois, very little rain, and getting cooked with 90-100+ degree heat!! At least my neighbors aren't setting off fireworks in the dry grass like last summer! OMG!! That was scary! Especially when I had my youngest son and his friend in Oklahoma helping fix things and moving the good furniture into a U-Haul truck to bring back to Illinois. I could deal with the wild fire thing to a certain point, but having my son and his friend there, I was in mama bear mode and wanting to protect the cubs from whatever may happen. I was ready to bail at a moments notice, but having them there was a different story, especially with 3 vehicles that all needed to roll and with the possibly having to drive out of there in the dark with smoke and fire in the area. Escape routes were going through my head all night, just as they did about 3 weeks later when my cat Rufus and I bailed. I was definitely in survivalist mode!! I was not going to go out that way, and to tell the truth, my late in-law's house could have burned to the ground and I would not have cared one iota.....I was NOT going to be in it when it did! But, it didn't burn to the ground, and it was sold earlier this year. One less thing to worry about and whole deal is over with. I'm a very happy camper!

I've been in a sort of weird mood lately. It's like I can't sit still for very long, and I'm actually purging a LOT of stuff! Clothes that I don't wear anymore, books that I've already read (but don't want to read again), and other piddly stuff that I don't have a use for. Too hot for garage sales, and I'm quite sure that other people could use the clothes and household stuff I'm getting rid of, and the books are going to go to the library.....if they'll take them. I guess the mood is coming from the tons of ideas that are rolling around in my way too full mental file cabinet wanting to become something pretty for someone to wear or use. (Picture a file cabinet filled to the brim and papers peaking out of the tops of the drawers type full!) I've got to have the space to work, and some things are just taking up space and not being used anymore. I can't even figure out how to re purpose most it into something else! So whatever is taking up the space that I don't's going to go.

I've been thinking about putting the one-of-a-kind pretties I make on Etsy and trying to sell at local stores...maybe on consignment since the economy is in a pit. If it doesn't sell, I bring it back home and try it on Etsy. But either way, I'm going to have more than one place to sell my pretties. Ebay is another possibility, too. I'll get it figured out. Got to figure out all of the how-to's for Etsy, and get a business license for tax purposes. But, I'll have all of my duckies in a row before I start doing any selling. Better to be prepared than to get into some major trouble with the IRS!

Today I'm sharing some masks I created from some pictures I took in May of last year when I was at a friend's house for the weekend. That was about two weeks before my mother-in-law passed away. Here is a sample of one of the masks:
I took a screen shot of the masks that are in the file. I hope you will find many creative uses for them!
I uploaded them to Media Fire.

Have a GREAT week! Try to stay cool, too!

Monday, July 16, 2012


I did a test run on the quick pages, and they will only save as 1600x1600 if you open them and right click on them to save them :(

Here is the Media Fire link for the two quick pages:

Sorry for the mess up.


Two Steampunk Quick Pages

Things have settled down now, and I'm back home. My dad is now able to walk their dog, and my parents and I had a chat about me going back to my own home. They agreed that it was time that I went back to my own home, and that they very much appreciated the help that I've given them for the last two months. I was glad that I could help them out and didn't have to take a leave from a job to do so. It would have been a bit of a challenge, but I think I could have managed it.

I've done very little creating since I was at my parent's house. Too much other stuff to do that needed to be done. I did do some creating today, and I know that they aren't masks like I usually share on Monday, but I thought I would do something different to share with you. You can add other elements to these if you wish. I want to thank the ladies who created the scripts that I used to create these...Heaven Dreams, Digiscrapations, Deb's Designs, and Tezza's Dezignz.

I didn't put them in zip/rar files, but they are full sized 3600x3600. So all you have to do is right click and save where you want to save them.
Hope you have some fun with these and create some awesome pages!!
Have an AWESOME week!