Friday, July 27, 2012

Have a GREAT weekend!

Didn't get anything created for you yesterday. Yesterday was my oldest grand daughter's 16th birthday, and I was also getting ready for my weekend trip to visit my youngest sister who lives in Madison, WI. I'm here in Madison to be the designated driver after the Milwaukee Brewers/Washington National's game tonight in Milwaukee. WOW! I'm going to a ball game that is NOT in St. Louis! I'm a freakin' Chicago Cubs fan for pity sake and I have never been to a game at Wrigley Field!! I've never been to a game where the Cubs were playing either. The 3 times I've been to St. Louis' Busch Stadium it's been free tickets from the company our dad was working for to watch the Cardinals play some other National League team!! I'll get to Wrigley Field at some point in my life to actually WATCH the Cubs play! It's on my Bucket List!!

It's a total bummer that I didn't get to post anything before I left for my sister's in Madison. And it's even more of a bummer that I forgot my flash drive so I could post something for you today. :( I'll post it for you on Monday. :)

Have an AWESOMELY GREAT weekend!

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