Monday, July 30, 2012

Masks 46-50

I had my eyes examined this morning a little after 9, and my eyes are still a bit dilated 4 hours later, which is making it interesting to post. I thought I had problems seeing my computer before...oh, it's worse now with my eyes dilated! My eye doctor recommended that I get tri focals since the bi focals didn't work well for me about four years ago. Not sure that tri focals are going to work either, but, hey, I've got to see and if they don't work for me, then 2 years from now, I go back to single lenses. But it will be about a week to 10 days before I get them as Lens Crafters doesn't do 1 hour tri focals. I also had the pictures taken of the inside of my eyeballs this morning so they could see how that area was doing. The doctor seemed to think that the back of my eyes looked pretty good for being 56 years old. But my eyes right now feel like someone is trying to inflate them and then trying to pull them out of their sockets. So I think I'm going to get this posted and get off my computer before I end up with a migraine headache.

Today I have more masks to you to create with. This is what I did with Mask 50. I used it twice. I turned the first layer 90 degrees then used it a second time with a different color.

Here is the Media Fire link for these masks! If you have any problems with the link, or any link, please leave me a note in the comment section and I'll get it fixed for you.
Have a GREAT week!

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