Friday, March 16, 2012

Home At Last

I got home yesterday about 4:30 PM from Oklahoma. I was tired, and stressed out. I started my day at 4, not because I wanted to be up at that time, but I couldn't get back to sleep. So my trip started out at 5 AM instead of 6 AM from Pawnee, OK. It was DARK out, and the cloud cover was not helping the situation any. Some of the trip was on two lane roads that were hilly and stretch of road somewhere north-ish from Tulsa, was REALLY curvy....and scary!! Not only was it very curvy, but also very hilly and you could see some 4 lane road down below on the left. It was not a road I would have chosen to drive on, but I was dealing with the GPS, or as I call it the Ditzy B....H in a box. OMG!! I was wondering if I was EVER going to see Interstate 44 and get HOME!! The road was someone's nightmare construction project. AND....I was driving all of this 2 lane part of the trip in the dark, and it made the unfamiliarity with the roads just that much scarier for me. If I would have started out in Seminole, or even Wewoka, it would have been much easier because I was quite familiar with those roads. I know that the people that regularly traveled that road were thinking, "Why can't this person drive more than 35 mph!!" That's OK!! I wanted to get home in ONE piece and ALIVE!!
So, besides the fuel pump going out at mile marker 295 west bound on I-44 about 9 miles west of Vinita, OK, being towed, having to spend the night and part of Tuesday in Vinita at a very reasonably priced older motel with all of the amenities of home, spending $600 for the fuel pump, at the beginning of my trip, I had to deal with someone's nightmare of a road construction project going back home. Thank the Divine Powers that be the truck ran like a charm, and the truck and I had no problems. I even "treated" the truck to some premium gas a couple of times on the way home. I figured the truck deserved it.
The sale of the house may take a couple of more weeks because the gentleman buying the property and his attorney are both busy....the gentleman buying the property travels for his company a lot, and the attorney is also the attorney for several large banks in Oklahoma, and the banks take precedence over a house sale. But our attorney is going to do a little prodding to get the situation a done deal within the next couple of weeks.
The Department of Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs hearing for my late mother-in-law's Kiowa land that she inherited from her parents went rather quickly, and rather well! It took about 10-15 minutes. The judge was rather surprised that someone showed up because my husband lives in Illinois. So, he asked me a couple of questions, and our attorney asked the judge a question about the land, which is a trust for the Native Americans from the U. S. it actually belongs to the government, the Native Americans get the free. No property tax and no taxation of what they earn off of it either by mineral leases, or from the farming and sale of the crops from it. To make a long story short of this.....since my husband is his mother's only child, and there are no other claimants on her inherited land, it was pretty cut and dried and a done deal before the attorney and I left the little court room. No waiting 2-4 years for the probate to be done like happened for the rest of the family that has passed on. There aren't several relatives/claimants for the properties in question. That was a relief for my hubby when I told him. So we will hear from the judge in about 2-3 weeks with all of the paperwork. YEA!!
Ok, all of those trip tales are told, it is now time for your goodies for today. Today there are a lot of different frames. I'll share a couple of previews of what's in the file.

Here is the 4Shared link for these goodies. If you have any problems with the links, please leave me a note in the comments.

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