Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dad is Home!

My dad and mom are finally home! Not only did my dad have a triple bi-pass, he also had his left lung partially collapse a few days later. So instead of his stay being only 8 days, it was 16. My hubby and I got my parent's home about 5 PM Thursday evening. I've spent a very interesting time trying to keep up on doing stuff for them, visiting the hospital twice a day, taking care of their dog, and unfortunately, that was about all I had the time for. I didn't get home much this last week, and my poor cat Rufus is not happy with me for being gone so long. But, since my youngest sister is here for the weekend, I'm spending more time here at my own house to get things caught up here and spend time with my own family and my cat. I've got two days here at the house and get to sleep in my own bed! I've forgotten what my bed feels like the last 2 weeks. I'm not totally spending all of my time here, but I'll be spending more time here in the next 2 days than I will be over at my parent's house. I'm also going to be spending at least 2-3 hours twice a day here at the house to give them some alone time that they haven't had for the last few days at the hospital. I've forgotten how many times the nurses went in and out of his room, then there was the twice a day visit from the physical therapist and the respiratory therapist, and the once a day visit by the doctors that he had. I don't think they got much sleep while he was in the hospital with all of the people roaming in and out of his room....not only the hospital staff, but family and friends as well! It was like a parade of people in and out of his room all day long. Some of my relatives were not at all happy when they were told that for the first couple of days the only people allowed in to visit were his wife and kids. Oh well, those are the rules. Lots of AWESOME nursing staff and therapists! His doctors were AWESOME and very informative on what they did and what to expect. I thanked them all by ordering pizza for all of them right at shift change so that ALMOST everyone got some pizza. His first nurse after his by-pass surgery was TOTALLY AWESOME! Unfortunately, she had the day off and didn't get to have any pizza.  :(

Today I'm catching up on part of what I've missed. Today I have two tag templates and 5 masks to share with you. Here are the samples of the tag templates, which are in both .psp and .psd formats, and the masks 21-25.

Here are the 4Shared links for the Templates and Masks. If you have any problems with the links, please leave me a note in the comments and I'll fix them.

Have a GREAT Weekend! 

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