Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Brag Book Page 4 & 5

Good Morning! I hope you are doing well today! I apologize for being a day late in posting. I was feeling rather down in the dumps yesterday. The weather wasn't helping much either....gloomy, grey, and a wee bit chilly. I spent most of the day trying to stay warm as it is a little early to be turning on the furnace. The weather here is going to be in the mid 70's with lows in the mid 50's today, Wednesday and Thursday, with a sharp drop in temperatures over the weekend.....highs in the mid to upper 50's during the day and lows to the mid 30's. YEA! Fall is here! They were saying that Thursday was going to be in the upper 70's to low 80's. Sorry, but the weather forecasters were maybe just a bit too optimistic about the temperatures. And they say we are going to be a few degrees under the "average temperatures" for this time of year. It's nice that they TRY to forecast the weather, but I think that their crystal balls are cracked and out of service. It's like last year when I was in Oklahoma. They were forecasting up to 18 inches of snow for where I was living at the time about 4 or 5 days before I was going to be leaving for home on the 20th of December. As time got closer to when I was leaving, I swear they changed the weather forecast every time they were on the air. OMG! It was 41 degrees when I left my late mother-in-law's house on the 20th! Sorry, but it doesn't snow at 41 degrees....but it was RAINING! I'll take the rain over the snow any day of the week! I hate driving in snow and ice. I would rather pull teeth from a tiger without anesthetizing it first than drive in the snow and ice. I've been raised in this area and well remember how to drive in that mess, but for some reason, there are a LOT of people who get a case of amnesia on how to drive on the roads with snow after the snow melts in the spring. It's been since about December of 1978 since we've had what I call a bad winter here, so my kids and grandkids don't know what it's like to be without electricity and be house bound for days. That will not be a fun thing around here! No computer, no computer games, no TV! I don't think that things will be very peaceful around here! I'm going to stock up on AA batteries for the MP3 players so that the kids have something to listen to to keep them occupied.

Today I'm going to share two of the fall brag book pages for you to create with. There is space for your text and other embellishments you might want to add. These are for personal use only. Click on the images to open them up on another page, right click and save in your file on your computer.

HUGE Thank You for visiting my blog and for downloading my creations. Have an AWESOME day!

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