Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Template

Good Afternoon! I hope you are doing well today! It's chilly and damp here, and my bones and sinuses are telling me all about it. The changing weather is not being kind to me at all. But, I will survive it....been there, done that. Everybody in the family as some sort of cold or sinus problem with all of this yo-yo weather. Plus, we have all been out in public, either at school or at work or out shopping. I haven't had my bad cold yet, but I know I'll have it at some point in time before winter gets here, and it's inevitable no matter what I do. I can only take so much vitamin C, and I'm going to get some echinacea, too. That seems to work better for me than some of the other stuff on the market for colds.

Today, I have a Halloween template for you to create with. It is for personal use only, no commercial use please. It is in .psp and .psd formats for you to create with. Here is a preview of the template and what I created with it.

Here is the media fire link for the template file. Have fun creating with it!
HUGE Thank You for visiting my blog and for downloading! Have an AWESOME day!

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