Saturday, September 8, 2012

It was a long trip

Well, I didn't get back Tuesday night like I thought. We didn't leave my sister's house in Alabama until about 8 AM Thursday. My sister was under the weather on Monday, and that couldn't be helped. Stress sometimes does that to people. She's left her two daughters and four grandsons in Alabama. She left a lot of familiar behind and jumped into the relative unknown here in Illinois. She's staying with our parents until she can get a job and get herself established here.

We left about 8 Thursday morning and got to my house about 1:30 Friday morning! It was a very long trip, with about an hour stop in Paduca, Kentucky because of a storm blowing through with 60 mph winds. We really didn't want to be driving with 60 mph winds blowing from the west in a U-Haul truck going north! The truck would have been like a sail on a boat, and driving would have been treacherous blowing us all over the interstate. We could have ended up in a ditch down the interstate on our side with all of my sister's worldly possessions broken and scattered all over the her car that we were towing behind the U-Haul truck! It wasn't an option for either of us. So we parked the truck and sat for a while at a local truck stop. Not sure just how many miles we drove, and we did take a side trip to see her oldest daughter at work, which made the trip about 50 miles longer than it should have been. But, it was something we had to do. Her youngest daughter was at the house to say goodbye before we left and she wanted to see her oldest daughter to say goodbye to her, too.

I'll be back to sharing on Monday. Today we are unloading the truck. We spent yesterday trying to catch up on our sleep, plus, my two sons were doing other things, and we really need some help in getting things unloaded from the truck. It took my sister, a male friend of hers and I to load up the empty double dresser in Alabama because the drawers don't come out! The drawers are on rails that are attached to the inside of the dresser and the drawers are on wheels that run inside the tracks. The tracks don't have an opening on the ends of each rail so that the wheels can come out of the rails, like on most drawers made like that. So we taped the drawers to the dresser with painter's tape so the tape would mar the finish on it. It was the most cumbersome and heavy piece of furniture she had to move! A dolly or hand truck would not have been of any help with that dresser at all as it would have scratched the dresser on one end, the edges, and the top, even if we had put a blanket on it. The dresser is a nice piece of furniture regardless of how much trouble it was for us to load. It will be REALLY interesting to get it into our parent's house! There is not a straight line from any door to move it into the house. The side of the house we will be moving her stuff into the house has a deck that is about five foot wide by about ten foot long, and there is a rail on the deck. Long furniture is going to have to be put on end to get it into the house. Thankfully, there is only the double dresser and the head and foot boards of the bed that will have to be stood up on the ends to get up on the deck and through the two doors they have to move through!

Have an AWESOME weekend!

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