Saturday, September 22, 2012

Surgery and New Quick Page

Good Evening! I hope you are doing well. My surgery went fine. I was supposed to have my surgery at 11 AM Thursday, but the hospital called and told me that the doctor was running a bit ahead of schedule and asked if I could come in early. Well, I was already on my way to the hospital when they called me on my cell. I was at a stop light when I answered the phone. I told them I was almost there. I don't think I was in the waiting area 10 minutes when they called me back to the room where I was going to be before and after the surgery. What I didn't know was that I was actually going to go to an operating room and had to get fully undressed and into one of the lovely *cough* hospital gowns. OMG! I HATE those things! Unless you are a twig, the gowns don't exactly cover your behind if you are over a size 10! But I survived the ordeal. The doctor did get all of the squamous cell carcinoma, and now I have an inch and a half to two inch suture line above my left eye brow, which, as my youngest son explained to his friend the other night, I had been in a fight. He told his friend "You should see the other guy!". My youngest son's friend thought he was serious, until I told him that I had had surgery earlier in the day. The look on his face was one of those "I wish I had a camera" moments! It was precious!

I was a bit busy with things before I went to surgery, and the last couple of days I've been recovering from my surgery. It has been hell looking at the computer screen. My left eye felt like I'd actually been head butted by an elephant Thursday afternoon. The slightest breeze made my whole left eye area hurt. Yesterday and most of this morning, my eyeball felt like someone was trying to pull it out of its socket and they had their thumb in it, too! But Thursday I couldn't wait the 30 minutes until the Tylenol with Codeine was filled at the pharmacy so I just took some Advil. The first two pills I took only deadened the pain a bit. I HURT!! I still haven't taken any of it. I've been taking the Advil. At least I'm not going to be a snoozie Suzie just to take care of pain. I've got other things to do besides sleep! It's bad enough I have to take an antibiotic for 5 days. Most pharmaceuticals and I don't get along anyway. I have interesting reactions to penicillin, tetracycline and a muscle relaxer. And some meds just don't work on me like they are supposed to. I'm taking ciprofloxacin, which fights bacterial infections. Interesting reading for this particular drug!

Today I'm going to share the first page of a multi-page fall brag book. The share today is the "cover" of the brag book. I had started this before my surgery and things just didn't play out like I wanted so that I could start sharing them with you on Wednesday. So here is the cover page of the fall brag book. There will be all sorts of fall themed pages, including some with "fruit pies". Most of the pages will have plenty of room for you to add text and your own personal additions to the pages and they all have frames for your pictures. I'm still working on the last couple of pages, and I'll put all of the goodies into a kit to share later so you can create your own full sized scrapbook pages. Here is the preview of the fall brag book cover. All of the pages will be 4 inches by 6 inches. I think that the right click "save as" will give you a much smaller version.
Here is the Media Fire link for the full sized 4 by 6 inch brag book page:
Have a GREAT weekend! HUGE Thank You for visiting my blog and for downloading!

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