Monday, September 10, 2012

New Look for my blog!

Good Afternoon! I hope you are doing well today! I decided it was time for a new look to match the season. I can't wait for all of the holidays coming up! I have way too much fun creating for the holidays, which is usually for my IncrediMail letters, and I really need to get creating those again. I haven't created a new letter in about six months!

I just got back from the doctor, and next Thursday, I am having some very minor surgery to remove the rest of a squamous cell carcinoma above my left eyebrow. Not a biggy my doctor told me. He's just going to numb the area up....yea! no anesthesia!....and keep slicing into the area until there is nothing found on the slides in pathology. No big deal, except that it hurts a bit when he numbs that area like he did two weeks ago when he removed the major part of the growth. I was calling it my second nose, because that is what it was looking like....right over my left eyebrow! I kept tearing it when I would brush my forehead in my sleep, and I decided that enough was enough it was going to go away. Not sure if this has spread anywhere else because it can spread to other places, and I've only had this for a year....and it's been sliced off twice since the beginning of the year.

Today I have a couple of mini masks for you to use in your smaller creations. No media fire download necessary. Please remember, these are for personal use only, no commercial use is allowed. Here are the two mini masks, and what I did with both of them. I removed the background colors on both so that they are stand alone images. If you want to snag them for your personal creating, go ahead.

The masks are 450x336 with the usual white background. As you can tell, I just couldn't leave well enough alone when I used them for my creations! Just right click and save to where you save your goodies! Enjoy creating with these little masks!
HUGE Thank You for visiting and for downloading! Have a GREAT week!

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