Monday, September 24, 2012

Brag Book Page 1

Good Morning! I hope you are doing well today. It's a wee bit chilly here this morning. It got down into the upper 30's and we have been under a frost advisory. We were under a frost advisory yesterday morning, too. My mandevillas and Boston ferns were protected the last two nights. I've got to take them in soon before the weather decides to stay cold, and put the hanging stands in storage. It's getting to be that time of year when the weather is fluctuating between being cold and warm. We've had highs in the 60's over the weekend, and the highs this week will be in the mid to upper 70's with lows in the 50's at night. Still more comfortable temps than being in the mid to upper 90's to low 100's. I'll take the 70's any day! I'm also hoping that we actually HAVE a winter this year! Last year's winter was more like spring/early summer than winter. I will take some snow and cold temperatures in winter.

It's been 34 years since we've had a really bad winter here where we've been without electricity for a few days. There are some who have been saying that we are a bit over due for one of those winters. I remember that particular winter! 1979! Snow, ice, snow, ice over a couple of days. Coated trees and power lines with ice about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick breaking power lines. Split trees in 1/2. Took huge branches off of trees. Driving on the roads were out of the question for a couple of days. Power was out for 10 days. Pipes burst ruining hardwood floors, carpets, ceilings and furniture. It even froze about 2/3's of my grandmother's 55 gallon aquarium, putting her prize Koi into suspended animation in the water under the ice. Yep, it was COLD! My son's and grandkids have no idea what it is like to be without electricity for days during any kind of a storm. And they think I'm totally nuts for wanting to get stuff stocked up during the winter! In the winter, you may not be able to get out to get to the store for two or three days because of deep snow and thick ice. Also, if you don't have electricity, the store isn't going to have any either. But, they haven't experienced that type of weather before, so they don't get the advanced preparations for such weather. I've also bought solar powered lanterns, flashlights, and weather radios, but I also have regular flashlights with batteries, hurricane lamps with extra wicks and fuel, and candles. I have got to get a gas stove into the basement. Not only to cook on when the electric stove doesn't work due to no electricity, but it will also help keep the pipes from freezing. And my oldest son doesn't get the idea of having so many blankets either. Cold is cold, and when the furnace isn't running due to lack of electricity, or you don't have a fireplace to keep you warm, blankets are really nice to have! They will learn that being prepared for any eventuality is the best thing to do. Summer is one thing, but winter can be even more brutally deadly without any electricity to keep you warm.

I've been having fun putting these pages together, and I hope that you can find plenty of pictures to add to these pages and add some creative touches of your own. Today is the first page of the brag book. The pages will just be posted on my blog and not on Media Fire. The pages are coming up in the 6x4 size.
 Have an AWESOME week! HUGE Thank You for visiting and for downloading!

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