Thursday, August 30, 2012

Templates 18 & 19

Good Morning! I hope you are doing well! This afternoon at 3:30 I embark on my bus adventure to Alabama. I scared myself last night! I had cleaned out my roving garbage can/file cabinet called a purse yesterday morning.....literally cleaned it out, purged it of all of it's contents, including my bus tickets! I sorted through the contents, separated the stuff I needed to take with me on the trip, put my change and cash into a very small purse and put it in my backpack, then I put my driver's license and debit card with some other little stuff I needed for the trip in a cosmetic bag.  I use it to keep stuff like pens, the store cards I don't use all of the time, gum, headache meds, and other stuff in when I'm actually carrying my purse. But last night I went to check what time I get into each station so I could write it down for my hubby and the kids. I couldn't find my tickets!! I looked in my purse and the backpack. Not in either one. I was spazzing out just a bit! I thought, "OK, calm down, backtrack and replay everything you've done since you cleaned out your purse this morning!" The only place I can actually say that I spent a LOT of time, and the place where I cleaned out my purse, is my slightly cluttered desk. So I looked on my desk and found my tickets under some papers that I had been looking through before I went to the store. WHEW!! The tickets are now in my backpack!! I'm not the most organized person in the world, but I'm trying to get more organized! My computer and external hard drive are more organized than the rest of my stuff! I'm even more organized when I'm traveling! After I get back home....I'm going to really make the effort to get myself more organized and purge stuff that is really cluttering up my life and my space. Then I need to buckle down and make the jewelry and other ideas that are in my overly full mental file cabinets. Picture the cartoon file cabinets that are stuffed to the brim and papers are peeking out over the tops of the drawers. That's what my mental file cabinets are like! The ideas are wanting to explode all over the place in my head. It's time to take them from mental conception to actual reality and get them out so others can enjoy them!

I'm sharing a day early since I'm not going to be posting until next Tuesday. At least I hope it's next Tuesday. The weather is going to be a major factor in all of this. They are estimating that we may get anywhere from 3 to 12 inches of rain from what's left of hurricane Isaac....depends on who you are listening to! The weather channel says we may get 6-12 inches, our local weather stations are saying we might get up to 3 inches! We will see who is right! It will do what it will do and we have no control over the weather.

Here are the previews and the tags I made with today's templates 18 & 19. Happy creating!
                                                     Template 18:

Template 19:

Here are the links for today's templates. If you have any problems with the links, please leave me a note in the comments and I will get it fixed for you.
Template 18: 

Template 19: 
HUGE THANK YOU for visiting and for downloading my creations! Have an AWESOME weekend!

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