Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm late

Sorry I'm late with posting. I took some time off for myself and went to visit with some friends over the weekend. My girlfriend and her son are AWESOME cooks! Had steak, potatoes, shrimp, and my friend's homemade cocktail sauce Sunday night, and a fridge cleaning buffet of goodies that she'd made earlier in the week. OMG!!! It was all very YUMMY!!
The cookin' at my house isn't bad either! The adults in my house are AWESOME cooks, too, and both of my granddaughters are getting their lessons in cooking and aren't bad in the cooking category either!
 My dad's eye is looking very good. Tomorrow, he goes to the doctor and gets his stitches and the tape strips removed.
These are some goodies that I created a few years ago when I was in a creative mood and playing around with my Paint Shop Pro 9.There are 18 banisters, 27 bottle caps, 45 flowers and 36 splats in this file group. The pics are the whole collection of what's in the file.
Hope you can find a use for them.

Here is the 4Shared link for this collection:


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