Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Morning

I'm in for a long creative day today! I am actually going to do some jewelry. It's going to be interesting to remember where I put most of my jewelry goodies. I just got finished putting most of them away on shelves and in drawers from the boxes they were in when I was in Oklahoma. My natural stone beads are in various jars and don't have "homes" on shelves yet, but I've been working on finding the jars a home. The other goodies (charms, jump rings, and other small stuff) are all in flat storage containers and are already on shelves. The creative river is flowing, so I'm going to go with the flow. I'll share pictures later.
I got creative a couple of weeks ago and made some tag templates I made for everyone to use. If they are similar to someone else's, it is not done intentionally.
 Here is an example I did for an IncrediMail stat using this one:
Thank You Hallan Moulin for your image! You can see his art at: and you can find his FTU tubes at:

Here is another IncrediMail stat I made using this one:
Thank You Dark Yarrow for creating the kit used in this one! You can find her PTU kits at: You need a license from DSI to use her kits.
I give credit where credit is due. A HUGE Thank You to all of my favorite artists who create the art I use...and there are hundreds of them!! You are all AWESOME!!

Here is the 4Shared link for these tag templates:

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