Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doctor's appointment & Cute Buttons

Well, I just got back from the doctor that my dad has been seeing for a few years. He has taken care of my dad's sometimes cancerous skin lesions. I only had one spot that he was concerned about, the rest of what I needed him to look at were totally harmless. Not a biggie! Load off of my mind!! He removed the suspicious looking compound growth, and the rest he left alone and told me that if the one's he left got to be a bother, especially when I'm dressing, he would remove them.
I also got a very interesting history lesson dealing with skin, too! Most of the interesting skin stuff I have is all from my English, German, French, Nordic, Celtic, Irish, and Scottish ancestors. It's basically the pale skinned people who have this type of skin stuff. I learned a lot about the different cultures while I was at the doctor's office!! Very interesting and informative listening to this very interesting man!! I really didn't expect a history lesson of my ancestor's skin types when I went to the doctor, but it gave me more insight into why my skin is the way it is.
Here are some cute little buttons that I made a few days ago. There are round, oval and flower shaped buttons in this file. I'll make some other button shapes to share later.

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