Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's been a long day

Today seemed really long! Dad had his first post operation doctor's appointment today. He had to have an X-ray before he went to see his doctor this morning. I let the hospital valet's park the car while we were at admitting, and one of the guys got my dad a wheel chair. Wish that wheelchair had been available on the other side of the building when dad got done with his X-ray! When we drove over to the side of the hospital where his doctor's office was, there were no wheelchairs at all and he had to walk, with his walker, the equivalent of almost a block before he actually got to the doctor's office on the second floor. They had an elevator, but the walk was pretty long for someone who doesn't have a lot of strength in his legs after a 16 day stay in the hospital. He's only been doing some walking in the house for light physical therapy that he's supposed to be doing. And honestly, the walks to the bathroom and around the living room and kitchen area is not a lot of walking. It's maybe about 30 feet total around the area of the kitchen and living room, and about 30 feet from his chair to the bathroom. That is all the farther his physical therapists that come to the house want him to be doing. He and I have been up and down the stairs outside about twice a day for the last couple of, he and I went up and down the steps twice this morning. So today, dad walked the equivalent of 2 blocks....a lot farther than the 30 feet his therapists want him to walk! Cripes he was walking way farther than 30 feet in the hospital! Not sure what's up with these therapists. They want him to work on his balance and leg strength but they don't want him walking very far. Wonder if they know the distance from the front door to the office building to the actual office!

Today I have a frame in .png form to share with you to create with. I was working on putting together another kit, but the theme of the kit and colors are not exactly coming together like I want. So I took some nice bits and pieces and made a frame for you to create with. No links for Media Fire or on the image to enlarge it, and then just right click and save to where you keep your pretties.
Have a GREAT day!

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